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AdipSculpt fat transfer skin rejuvenation

Adip’sculpt has revolutionised fat transfer treatments for facial fillers, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction (such as post-breast cancer) and body contouring.  Adipsculpt has increased the success rate of successful fat transfer from the previous range of 30-50% to 70-90% using the Adip’sculpt equipment and process, providing reliable and predictable fat transfer outcomes for both practitioners and patients.

An Adip’sculpt generally involves harvesting fat from the stomach, buttock or thighs and carefully processing it to retain intact fat lobules.  The fat lobules, which contain stem cells in addition to fat cells, are then reinfected into the desired area of the body where they are integrated in the body as natural, living tissue.

How Was Adip’sculpt Fat Transfer Invented?

The development of Adip’sculpt began when French scientists, Dr Franck Festy and Dr Regis Roche, were conducting research on Diabetes and approached a plastic surgeon to obtain discarded fat cells from liposuction to use in their studies.  During their conversations the topic of fat transfer was discussed, including the issue of low fat retention rates of only 30-50%.  The plastic surgeon asked Dr Festy and Dr Roche for their ideas on how to improve the success of fat transfer.

Over the course of more than 10 years Dr Festy and Dr Roche researched every aspect of the fat-transfer process from harvesting, processing through to re-injection.  The end result was the development of Adip’sculpt equipment and procedures, which now deliver improved rates of successful fat retention in the range of 70-90%.

The Adip’sculpt procedure is designed to extract and preserve the right size of fat cells best suited for the new area to achieve long-term, natural-looking results.

Fat Transfer As A Natural Alternative To Injectable Facial Fillers

Facial fillers commonly use a compound called Hyaluronic Acid as an injectable substance to add volume to face and other areas.  The filler will gradually be lost over time and the procedure will need to be repeated regularly to maintained the desired volume.

Adipsculpt is used in the same way as fillers with the difference that it is your own tissue that integrates as part of your natural structure.  Because of this the result is considered relatively permanent.

Fat Transfer For Breast Augmentation & Reconstruction

Adipsculpt can be used in a number of ways for Breast Augmentation and Breast Reconstruction.  This includes

  • For breast enlargement of 1-2 cup sizes as an alternative to Breast Implants
  • In conjunction with breast implants for cleavage enhancement and creating a more natural look
  • For full breast reconstructions eg. after Breast Cancer

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