The Largest Spot Size Of Any Hair Removal Laser

The Deka Synchro Replay laser features a 20mm Alexandrite and 20mm Nd:YAG spot size for fast, high-quality permanent hair reduction and treatment of veins or pigmented lesions.  This allows for faster treatments on large areas of the body.

The Synchro Replay is manufactured by Deka, one of the world leaders in aesthetic lasers and Europe’s largest aesthetic laser company.  With 30 years experience Deka produces quality devices that deliver effective treatment results.

Laser Vein Treatments For Veins On The Face And Body

As well as delivering effective permanent hair reduction, the Synchro Replay uses the Nd:YAG wavelength to target visible veins on the face, legs and body  due to its lower absorption by melanin in the skin the Synchro Replay laser wavelength is able to treat visually prominent veins. Deeper vessels of greater diameter and varying structure can also be treated by this wavelength. Various types of vascular lesions of different origin (telangiectasias, haemangiomas, erythrosis, small PWS) can be treated on the face, trunk and legs.

To find out if you are suitable for laser vein treatments go to our clinic locations to arrange a consultation.