Improve The Appearance Of Prominent Veins On The Face

Laser Facial Vein Treatments For Fast, Non-Surgical Results

Target visible facial veins or vascular lesions such as telangiectasias, haemangiomas, erythrosis, or small Port Wine Stain (PWS) and improve the confidence you have in the appearance of your skin.  Laser treatments use targeted laser light to non-invasively target the pigment contained in the blood inside the vein. The laser energy rapidly heats and coagulates the blood in the vein and causes it to collapse and seal. In the weeks following treatment the vein is naturally reabsorbed by the body and disappears.

Laser vein treatments are generally walk in, walk out treatments that are comfortable and require no downtime.

About Laser Vein Removal With The Nd:YAG Laser

Due to its lower absorption by melanin in the skin the Synchro Replay laser wavelength is able to treat visually prominent veins. Deeper vessels of greater diameter and varying structure can also be treated by this wavelength.

To find out if you are suitable for laser vein treatments go to our clinic locations to arrange a consultation.