Like Your Look helps you locate clinics across Australia that provide non-invasive face, skin and body treatment using only high quality equipment from Europe and the USA. These advanced treatments deliver lasting results with little or no downtime…

As our skin begins to age simple creams, cosmetics or lotions cover up the symptoms of ageing but do little or nothing to treat the underlying cause.  Non-invasive technology based treatments at Like Your Look Clinics allow you to achieve advanced results without needing to resort to surgery.

Clinics in the Like Your Look network include qualified professionals including Cosmetic Physicians, Dermatologists, Plastic surgeons, Dentists, Cosmetic Nurses and Beauty Therapists and use the best equipment from one of Australia’s leading laser and equipment providers, High Tech Laser.  Each clinic is independently owned and operated.

Equipment From Australia’s Most Reputable Laser & Aesthetic Equipment Provider


High Tech Laser is Australia’s most reputable laser and aesthetic equipment company.  The equipment High Tech Laser provides to Like Your Look clinics comes from world-leading European and USA manufacturers.  High Tech Laser has been at the forefront of launching revolutionary laser, cosmetic medicine and medical technologies in Australia since 1999.  Some of the advanced treatments we have launched in Australia include:

energist hydrafacial                    smartbleach dot_therapy         synchro_replay