VibroGym Whole Body Vibration

A Time Efficient Way To Improve Strength, Body Tone, Flexibility and Bone Density

In 1999 when the VibroGym vibration platform was released it created a revolution in body toning and fitness.  Today it remains the gold standard in fast and efficient training.

VibroGym uses whole body vibration to increase muscle activation and load your body with extra g-forces.  VibroGym essentially teaches your muscles to fire in better coordination and activates more muscle fibres than you would in a typical workout.  The result is a 20 minute VibroGym session achieves the benefits you would normally expect from a one hour gym workout.

The key benefits of VibroGym Vibration Training are:

  • Equivalent gains as conventional gym training in a shorter period of time
  • Assisting fat loss and maintenance of weight loss
  • Improved body tone, decreased cellulite and increases in fat-free mass
  • Increased muscle power (enhances movement, stability and sports performance)
  • Increase of the maximum isotonic strength
  • Reduction in delayed-onset muscle soreness
  • Faster improvements in flexibility
  • Bone density gains in post-menopausal women

Recover Better From Training

VibroGym not only enhances strength and body toning.  The massage and stretching functions of the VibroGym enhance circulation and improve recovery from exercise.  Used before, after and on days in between hard sessions, the massage functions of the VibroGym are often the most addictive aspects of sessions.

The Best European-Designed Vibration Training Technology

VibroGym was the world’s first commercial whole body vibration training platform and remains the Europe’s leader in vibration training.  Since its release in has been the subject of numerous research papers around the world and has led the way in the development of vibration training as a major fitness technology.  It is registered as medical device in Australia with ARTG (Australia Register of Therapeutic Goods) number 145791.

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