Deka Duolite & QS4 Laser Tattoo Removal

Q-Switched Laser For High Quality Tattoo Removal and Pigmentation Treatments

The Duolite & QS4 QS system is manufactured by Europe’s largest medical laser company, Deka Lasers.  Deka has been manufacturing lasers for over 30 years and has developed some of the leading innovations in cosmetic medicine.

The Deka ‘Q-switched’ lasers  can target pigments in the skin with a high energy pulse delivered in an extremely short timeframe (max 6 ns).  This produce a “photo-acoustic” effect that breaks down the cells containing the tattoo pigment.  The laser emits extremely high energy, short pulses of light that shatter the tattoo ink into minute particles allowing them to be released from the cells and eliminated through lymphatic-draining.

Each laser wavelength (a single colour of light) target a particular structure (chromophore) in the skin.  If the correct laser wavelength is selected the laser will target the pigment and leave the surrounding tissues unaffected.  The Deka QS lasers have multiple laser wavelengths to provide greater versatility to target different colours in the skin.

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